September 3, 2005

A Humorous Blog Commenting Incident

I monitor this sight in my RSS feed. It’s a photo blog sight. Although her style is not mine, she has some skill at transforming the photos into something quite colorful.

Today she posted a photo and in her commentary about the photo, she also spoke about the disaster in NO. I was surprised as all her other posts were strictly related to the photos she posts. The general gist of her post was that the Feds are not doing enough for N.O.

I have been following the posts on COUNTERCOLUMN as he’s been through this sort of thing before he speaks with some knowledge about what is and what is not possible.

I indirectly quoted him and referred her to his blog.

It’s seems this sight is a stealth Bush hate sight. One commenter has taken to emailing me.

My initial response was, “The Vorlon said, ‘Understanding is the three-edged sword.’” But the signature on my email has the phrase “Peach through superior firepower.”

I guess that rather incensed him more as he responded with “I rest my case, YOU ARE A REDNECK”

After I picked myself up from rolling on the floor laughing, I responded with “Let me just say this to you: The Lord bless and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you can give you peace.” That’s my standard response to intended insults, at least I THINK he was trying to insult me.

Poor fellow. He doesn’t realize that it is impossible to insult me.

To my further surprise he again responded with, “Peace through superior firepower. Contradicts your sentiments. I hope you had many lovely (three legged) children with your sister.”

I don’t quite understand the psychology. I mean, what is he attempting to accomplish?

My last response was, “You’re too funny!”

I think he’ll eventually give up in disgust. It’s hard to fight when you’re the only one throwing punches.

UPDATE: I did a little tracking on my pen pal. It appears he's out of Rousham in Oxfordshire England. That would explain his strange responses. But my analysis could be flawed on that. I would also guess his age at well under 30 and likely under 20.

Posted by The Vorlon at September 3, 2005 2:36 PM