October 2, 2006

October 2 Final Update

Today was a bit of a mixed bag. Physically I felt a little better. But I spent all day really wanting to take a nap. Alas, there was too much to do to do that, so I’m heading off to bed early tonight.

I THINK the compression hose are helping. The pain in my calves seems somewhat reduced. Now, whether that is from the socks or would occur naturally I have no clue.

About a week ago, I had to collect urine for 24 hours and drop it off at the lab. During my last chemo treatment the blood sample showed my serum creatinine was at 1.5, where 1.4 is the upper limit. So my oncologist wanted a more thorough look. They also took a blood sample. I had not heard anything from the oncologist’s office so I called them today. At first, they said they didn’t have the results yet.

I responded, “No yet?! I gave the sample off on Monday last week.” She promised to look into it and call me back.

Later she actually DID call me back. She said everything looked fine. My serum creatinine was down to 1.2. I asked her why that was. She said she didn’t know. Perhaps I was doing a better job of drinking enough fluids to keep my kidneys flushed. I guess I’m going to have to work to stay well flushed.

I guess they ONLY call you if there is bad news. My attitude is if it’s important enough to do a special test, I want to know the results.

I had another experience with my Lattice Degeneration today. It lasted about five minutes. My eye doctor said it should not be from the chemo as he has normal healthy people that experience it. However, I got the symptoms about the same point in my treatment cycle last time. So I remain unconvinced.

I’m really tired. I’m off to bed.

Posted by The Vorlon at October 2, 2006 8:43 PM