January 24, 2008

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Saturday, January 19, 2008
I was tired when I got home last night. I had some Chinese food that was left over from my lunch. I gave a couple little pieces of the beef to Danny and he threw up his entire dinner. Poor little guy. I felt so bad and stupid. There must have been onions in the sauce. I tried to get all the sauce off before I gave it to him but it was stupid to give it to him. It is strange, dogs will eat all kinds of yucky stuff they find on the road but will also have very delicate stomachs.

When I walk Danny, he always sniffs around. Sometimes he sniffs out something and eats it before I know that he is doing it. I have no ideas what he is eating but there is a fast food store a couple blocks away. People buy chicken wings and toss the bones all over the streets. I have to watch out for them.

My heater was off this morning. I thought just great, a storm is coming and the temps will be dropping as the Arctic wind is pushing down our way. I went down to the basement and saw the pilot was out so I got the bar-b-que lighter and went back down. I lit the pilot and the heater did not go on. It was too early to call the plumber so I lit the fireplace and made some coffee. I bundled up in my blankets on the sofa as I watched the weather channel. The good news is the storm will not reach us the bad news is the cold air will. EUREKA! I thought went off in my head. I need to push the reset button. Back down to the basement I went. I opened the door to the controls of the heater and looked at it a few minutes. I did not see any buttons or switches. There was a control with a wheel on the top that looked sort of like the wheel on a cigarette lighter. I tried pushing it forward; I tried pushing it down; I tried pulling it forward. It did not move. I turned the wheel and it fired up. The radiators are hot now and the house is warming up. The plumber warned me last time that the furnace is about 50 years old and it may be hard to find parts for it. I guess I'll have to invest in a new furnace. I read that the efficiency of new furnaces will save enough money to pay for the investment in one or two years. It will also improve the salability of the house when the time comes. The way my jobs going, I don't know how long I'll last there.

I was told that I am a Sales Manager. (I know zilch about sales) The people in my department do sales and I am their manager, therefore, I am a Sales Manager. Another hat to wear that I don't know what I am doing.

I haven't got the company computer set up yet. I haven't been able to schedule a time for Mike to come, I am gone from 7am to 6pm. Last week, I had two meetings at night.

I will work on the information for the W2's. Fortunately, we only had one month's pay for two people and one 1099. I'll take the information to my accountant and let them do their thing.

The house has warmed up now so I'd better get to work.

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