January 24, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I had to delete my January 19th entry. I had 32 junk comments on it. I don't know why. People have nothing better to do than to rain on everybody else's parade.

Work went OK today. Some problems popped up but I was able to solve them with the help of Maria. She has excellent analytical skills. I get some of it but I need help from Maria. I wouldn't be able to do this job without her.

I went to choir tonight. I enjoy singing. It reminds me of when I sang in the youth choir when I was a kid.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at January 24, 2008 10:02 PM

I know what you mean. I get about 20 spams a day. They usually have about 400 URLs in them for drugs. Fortunately, my blog program allows me to screen all postings before they get posted. I also have the option of marking them as spam.

When they are marked as spam, the program automatically deletes them. I suspect that these spammers are why I get so many hits from Russia.

Posted by: Ned Swift at January 25, 2008 8:00 AM

karol - even here at work, I get loads of this junk mail everyday. Delete, delete, delete.

Hey - some advice. Do you heat with fuel oil? If so - 10 years ago we got a new heater. One of the options were pipes that ran from heater through to hot water tank. This meant the water was heated at no cost in the boiler and the hot water tank only maintained the heat. Since the hot water tank is electric - we save a BUNDLE on our electric bill. Just a thought!


Posted by: at January 25, 2008 8:50 AM

Hi Karol,

The Spam that gets into our computers everyday is such a nuisance. We're fortunate we can just delete them all at one time. As you said Karol, what these people do with a day in their life is really quite pitiful!!! Probably, one of these days, some computer genius will find a way to stop this sort of thing, but, until then, we just keep deleting.

It sounds like work is going a little better for you and I know you truly appreciate Maria. I'm sure glad she is able and willing to help you through some of the mazes that you face each day. Today is TGIF day and so for two days, you can forget all about the hassle of work. Of course, as we all know, we still have things we must solve at home too.

I too, love to sing. I sang in the school Glee Club and then the school Choir. And, at church, I sang in a trio for several years. My voice is certainly not as strong and pure as it once was, but, I still enjoy singing at home. And, listening to music is so peaceful (if you don't listen to the music of today). There is nothing pure and comforting about the music the kids listen to today. It's hard to understand the words (probably just as well) and it is just loud and terribly annoying. Of course, this is the opinion of an older adult. The kids today seem to love it. And, this has been the case for generations I presume. Just keep singing your kind of music Karol. It's a great gift to enjoy.

Wishing you a great weekend. Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at January 25, 2008 11:12 AM