August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is a humingbird plant. A friend named Judy gave it to me. This morning, there was a humingbird flying around it. I didn't have my camera with me. I was walking Danny.

I felt tired today. I got up late. I walked Danny later than usual. He got up late, too. I worked on the 941 report. I could not find it so I printed out a new report and did it over again. I made 2 copies using my fax machine. I tried to scan it into the computer but had a problem with the printer. I finally figured out it needed new toner. I replaced the black and white and it still didn't work. I replaced the color and still had a problem. I was on the hp web site for trouble shooting. It said to clean the contacts. I pulled the cartridge out an saw it didn't have any contacts. Then I thought "How dumb!" I hadn't pulled the tape off them. That cured my problem.

I lazed around and then around 4:00 I felt I'd better get that hedge trimmed. It took me about an hour and then I got the sprinkler going in the back yard. I should have started it this morning but I just didn't feel up to dragging the hose around. I'll water 3 sections tonight and do the front yard in the morning.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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