August 26, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Danny is trying to be patient waiting for me to walk him. I put him out back but that doesn't cut it for him. He doesn't do his business out there unless he really has to. He must consider the yard as part of the house. I'm tired out from running back and forth to NJ and PA. I should have been finished last week but Maggee's surgery was more complicated and she will be another two weeks of therapy. Next week will be a short one as it is Labor Day and I am taking off Friday so I can pack for my trip to CA. I decided not to take my computer. I will be a hassle lugging it through the airports. Maybe there will be a library where I can log into my blog.

School is PA starts early this year. It is the school district where I went as a kid. They always started the Wednesday after Labor Day. This is the first year they are starting before Labor Day. It caught some parents off guard. My nephew's fiancée' was driving past the school last week and saw the sign School starts Aug 26. It will be a mad house here. My brother lives across the street from the elementary school. The traffic is horrid between 8:00 and 9:00 with parents dropping their children off. When I was a kid, we walked or rode our bikes. They even made us go home for lunch. Only when it rained did my friend's mother drive us to school. We didn't have buses for elementary school. Buses were only available if you lived over two miles from the school. They were rented from the Philadelphia Transportation Company. We didn't have the yellow school buses. The public transportation buses had a yellow sign across the front and back probably magnetic that said school bus.

Anyway, I'm glad I don't leave until 9:00 for work. There is no getting in or out of the street. It becomes one way during the school rush hour. Coming home may be a problem because I won't be able to get into my parking space. I can park the wrong way but in NJ, they ticket you for facing the opposite direction of the traffic flow on the street. I hesitate to do that but I'll have no choice. These houses have back alleys for one car to park. The rest have to park on the street. There are very few garages. When the houses were built, in the last 30's and early 50's, not many had cars. They took the train to work and most mothers did not drive. They were housewives and did not work outside the home. Public transportation was readily available. The houses have small rooms, too. There is a single house for sale down the street. Rick and Sylvia went to the open house on Sunday. They said the rooms were small than the ones they have in their twin house. It is a cape with no dormers so the upstairs bedrooms are small. It has an enclosed porch but I see it is not heated. It has a covered patio that at first looks like a carport but it has an entrance to the basement right in the middle of it, cutting the patio in half. It does have a nice big yard that could fit a garage and a nice addition but the things were added with no planning, just haphazardly.

When I get back from my trip, I will get my house ready to sell. Then I will look for a place either here in in DE. DE is much less expensive to live so it is a good option and is not far from here.

Danny's patience has run out so I must take him for his walk.

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