August 30, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I didn't get much accomplished today. I went to get my mail at the Post Office at 9"00 and it was not open until 10:30. They had special holiday hours. There were several people there. We just looked at each other with blank faces. I started to edge the lawn and got the front done. I had to clean up and change my clothes to go back to the PO. I was hot and dirty. The line was about 35 feet long; I was the last one in line who didn't have to stand outside the door. It is a big Post Office. When I got up to get my mail and stop the mail for next week the lady gave me a hard time. She was a witch and would not take my card to hold the mail. She said I couldn't hold it for one week and then come back and hold it again the next week. She told me to rent a box. I said "For two weeks?" She gave me some lecture about defeating the purpose of holding mail. I said, "Fine, I'll let my mail hang out of the box all week so everyone can see I'm not home."That will defeat the purpose of not holding my mail." I hate confrontations. I was exhausted for the rest of the day. I washed my clothes and took care of the bills. Last night, I looked up the IRS payments and I have confirmations that everything was paid. Sometimes it seems the world is against you.

Danny has gone to bed. I am about to turn in myself.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

He has gone to bed and I am about to follow him.

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