November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

The weather has warmed up. It makes it hard to know what to wear. I put on a jacket to walk Danny and I am too warm. I took his lab specimens to the vet today and then dropped some more clothes off at the Salvation Army. I took Danny with me for a ride in the car. He likes to look out the window and bark at everything and everyone.

It's amazing how quickly the color of the leaves has changed. A few days of freezing temperatures and it's like someone has waved a magic wand. Maybe I should take the Cape May Train ride and look at the fall foliage.

I was feeling rather down today and over the weekend. Memories of Ted seem to be everywhere. My friends husband passing away and then my other friend lost her brother. I went to his viewing tonight. They funeral home put together a DVD of the photos of his life. It was a very nice thing for them to do. Their loses remind me of my loss. Maybe its the time of year. It was this time two years ago that were the last good days with Ted before he went into the hospital and then it was downhill from there. The changing of the daylight hours always made me feel like hibernating until Spring. I hate it being dark so early. There is a bit of light in the morning now but that won't last. My niece and her husband weren't able to come last weekend. I hope they can come next weekend. I hate having to be dependent on them and my brothers. I just can't do it all myself and I have to wait for others to help me.

Danny hasn't adjusted to the time change yet. He is ready to go out for his walks an hour early. He went to bed three hours ago. I hope he isn't ready to go out at 5 am. They past two mornings, I have awakened with him curled up next to me. He usually sleeps on the other side of the bed. I'm ready to join him.

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Posted by tedkarol at November 3, 2008 11:04 PM

Yea, these days after the time change are bummers. I, too, hate that it gets dark so early. Gosh - I am ready for bed by 6!! If we have a hard time adjusting, can we blame Danny Boy for wondering "Hey, what's up?"


Posted by: at November 4, 2008 1:08 PM

Dear Karol: Just logged back onto your site. Last time Ted was still alive but struggling. I am sorry for your loss. My widowhood will be 5 years old on Christmas Day this year. Yes, it gets better but we ladies are still just a 1/2 person after we loose our mates. You are luckier than me, I've outlived my maternal & paternal family. It's just me, my son & g-son next door that's all. But I have my calico cat who sleeps with me or under the down comforter and 1 funny looking jack russel terrier/doxie cross crate trained. We are having summer back again here in SW Michigan but this weekend back down into the 40'sF and possible snow. Take care of yourself please and sure enjoy reading your blog. Barbara

Posted by: Barbara at November 4, 2008 8:26 PM