November 5, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I got in from the Women’s Service Meeting late last night and watched the election. I am fearful of Obama’s inexperience. I am also fearful of his extreme left wing politics. A tax increase could very well send us into a depression. At least the Congress was not a landslide for the Democrats. I can’t believe Pennsylvania reelected Murtha. I guess they don’t mind being called a bunch of red necks.

I have Toastmaster tonight and I don’t feel like driving to Ocean City especially now that it is dark at 5:00.

The task of getting my things packed up is overwhelming. I packed up my winter clothes last spring and now I can’t find them. I must have taken them to the storage bin. I look in the garage where I have some boxes packed up but they are not there. I have several boxes of things I brought home from the storage bin to sort out. That task is overwhelming. I guess I should just toss it all. I don’t see any need for it. It’s just that it’s like throwing out my life with Ted. I look at the stuff and then walk away from it. I had asked Sonia several times to help me with it but she never seems to be home when I call and she never returns my calls. I feel like I’m out here all alone except for the kind people who write comments on my blog. Thank you all so much. You don’t realize how encouraging you are to me.

I had lunch with my friend Phyllis. We went to Marciano’s and both got spare ribs with macaroni and collard greens. We also got the seafood chowder. It was excellent. We had a nice visit. Phyllis and her husband are getting ready to go RVing in there 5th Wheel. They had their house on the market and her daughter decided to buy it. They will be spending their winters in the south and summers in the north.

I did not go to Toastmasters. The weather turned nasty with heavy rain and wind. Phyllis and I saw two accidents on the road and Phyllis saw another before she picked me up. I’m tired from being up late last night so it’s off to bed with me.

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Dear Karol, Maybe it's time to take a short trip and visit someone out of state. Is Danny traveling better in the car? The gas prices have dropped way down. We won't be coming up this weekend Nick had to have fluid taken out of his knee so he can't play in the first playoff game. If Garnet Valley wins there should be another game next Friday or Saturday. We will come up to Pa. for that game. Maybe we can visit or come over and help you out. Let me know. Affectionately, Cheryl

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Hi Karol,

I feel so badly that I haven't written to you in awhile. I think I mentioned about my younger sister (10 yrs. younger than me), was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her cancer has now spread to her brain in 5 different places. She has great swelling in her brain now which makes her speaking very strange. She is gone from us in that sense right now. Her oncologist prescribed steroids to try and reduce the swelling and it is working somewhat because she was more lucid on Tuesday than she was on Saturday. All of this makes me understand how very very difficult it was for you when Ted was suffering with his HORRIBLE cancer. Ted had a wonderful mind and to see that being taken from him must have been so painful for you Karol. My heart still aches so for you. The two of you were so close and did most everything together and as your friend said, you feel like half a person. That truly isn't the case, but, I can only imagine how his loss feels to you each and everyday. My heart aches.

I think moving is just awful. It is traumatic because that is when we must look at all the things we have and try to make a decision on whether to keep it or toss it. When you see so many things that remind you of your life with Ted, how very difficult it must be to feel you need to toss it. Maybe, it would be the best thing - I'm not sure. But, I also understand your hesitancy in doing so.

My prayers are with you each day Karol. And, I ask that you would say a small prayer for my baby sister (I have always called her that). Her name is Judy and she is so very ill. The most amazing part is that she does not seem to be in a lot of pain. And, I thank the Lord for that kindness. Life has become so difficult for she and her husband because he is a paraplegic. Judy has always taken such good care of him and now he struggles too. We will surely be spending lots of time with them. My brother has been here for 5 days and we've been helping with as much as we can.

Please forgive me for rambling on, but, I haven't been able to read your blog too much and as you know, you've become a dear friend to me and how I wish I could help you in some way. Love and caring, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at November 7, 2008 9:53 AM