November 8, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today was another gloomy, rainy day. This is the fourth day of this. I picked up some more branches and wanted to cut the grass since Tuesday. It’s been too wet. I was hoping it would dry off yesterday and today but it didn’t. The leave didn’t even reach their peak of color when the rain and wind knocked them down. I got a few photos out the window but other years were better as far as the foliage is concerned.

I swept the leaves off the steps and walk. I dug up some more of my flowers. I still have some more to dig. My niece is coming tomorrow to take my outdoor furniture and plants. Her husband and my brother will take the air conditioners to the basement and carry out the lumber and steel post to the curb. I put one steel post out and it took five days for someone to recycle it. I think the rest should go faster. I have some boxes packed up so we’ll take them to the storage bin.

I walk Danny past my neighbor’s house and he does not like their dog. Frosty is a friendly white husky. He is behind a fence and Danny tries to take off after him. He sniffs him and then barks and snaps at him. I have to keep him away. Frosty looks like he wants to play but Danny it not interested in playing. I don’t know why. He usually likes other dogs but there are a few that he doesn’t like.

The church had a covered dish last night. There were not that many attending. Perhaps because it was a Friday night. It is usually held on Saturday but I think the new minister wanted it on Friday. Still, it was nice to have the fellowship with a small group. It was cozier.

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