November 9, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My brother, my niece and her husband came today and we got a lot accomplished. Ed brought his truck and a trailer. We loaded on the picnic table and benches, the glider, and the plastic patio furniture. We also loaded some bags of garden soil and mulch. They took it to their house as it can be stored outside until I find a new home. They also took some lumber and a couple little trees, some bulbs and plants for the yard. They can plant them in their yard. The lumber was stored in a loft in the garage. Ed got up on the ladder and handed down the piece to the three of us. I gave him an old computer with monitor and printer. My neighbor gave it to me when he moved. Ed fixes them up and sells them. Cheryl and Ed wanted to get home before dark so they left at 3:30. Don helped me take the air conditioners out of the windows on the sun porch and put them in the basement. I will leave them with the house. They were the least efficient rating and expensive to run. We left the one in the computer room in the window. They computers make the room warm so it won’t hurt to leave it in. I am going to leave that one too. The one in my bedroom, we took out of the window and put it on the floor. That one will move with me. If I don’t need it, Don can use it.

Don made some DVD of his digital photos. One was of my nephew, Bob’s wedding and the other was of our trip to California. He made copies for me. They came out great.

I fell asleep during Master Piece Theatre but I really didn’t like the story. The Jews in the Nazi concentration camp were putting God on trail. Some was of historical interest but the holocaust was so gruesome. I should have gone to bed early and read my book.

Tomorrow, I have to make a new list of what I need to do and start crossing them off. I had a list of six items today and we crossed all of them off.

Danny was happy today. He made his rounds of our three guest and got belly rubs all afternoon.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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