November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Today was my Dad's birthday. He would have been 99 if he were still living.

I am beat. I used the leaf blower to blow the leaves out of the yard. I did the patio and half of the back yard. It was easier than raking and dragging the tarp to the curb but my arm was tired from not having used those muscles. I’ll have to start doing my weight training. I could hardly use my fork to eat my lunch.

I just took Danny out after he pestered me for an hour. He is still on Daylight time and is ready for his walk an hour early. I got as far as the driveway at the garage when he stuck his neck way out sniffing. I thought he was going to mark his territory when he started rubbing his neck in the muck. I took him right into the laundry room and washed his face. He didn’t like it. He kept licking the muck before I could get it off. It was stuck in his mustache. What a mess. He knows I am not pleased with him but I guess he has no idea why.

The city came and cleaned up the leaves and branches from the curb. We just have to rake them out there and they come to get them. The only thing is it has been too wet to rake. I hoped they would dry out some. It was probably rotting leaf muck that Danny rubbed his neck in. He loves stinky stuff. He must hate smelling like coconut when I give him a bath. I managed to get the patio and driveway blown out for the city to take away. I have another pile waiting for them. I hope they return soon but it will probably be several weeks.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at November 10, 2008 10:05 PM

Know just what you are talking about. We had another little doggie that we just let out and
he would find a pile that a coon left behind and just roll in it! Needless to say he needed a bath
all over! Don't know what it is with dogs that
they like to do such things.

Dad keeps our new dog on a leash for now and he
goes crazy with all the smells out in the yard
that the deer and other wild animals leave behind.

Little Sketter is settletling in nicely and has
made his self right to home. He growls a little now when someone comes to the door but makes up quickly when he decides they are OK.
Maybe his name should be SPAM because he's in our face so much now for Love.

Posted by: Mom & Dad at November 11, 2008 8:22 AM

Today is also my birthday. It seems that alot of people have this date as their birthday. We went to Red Lobster for dinner, and there were at least 3 other "birthday wishes" being celebrated.

I sent you an email on Oct. 13th regarding some of Ted's Microsoft certificates....don't know if you had gotten the email. I wondered if you wanted these back. They are dated March 2002. Carl was cleaning some of his office and found them. Let me know what you want me to do.

Thanks & keep up the daily's good to read and 'keep up' with Vineland.

Sharon M.

Posted by: sharon Masters at November 11, 2008 11:02 PM