November 1, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I don’t know what was out back in the woods. Danny went tearing down the steps barking. I heard what sounded like a bird but birds should be asleep in the dark. He wanted to investigate but I had no idea what kind of critter was out there.

I got up at 5am, packed up the car and left for Chesapeake City by 8:30. I arrived here at 10:00. I unpacked some of my stuff. It was raining so I left some things in the car. I went over to the church to see if I knew the song the choir was going to sing but the choir wasn’t singing today. Someone sang a solo. I didn’t see the choir director and some of the other choir members were absent.

I came home and was going to walk Danny but we didn’t get very far. Someone was hunting and when Danny heard the gun shots, he bolted for home. I made a sandwich and took him for a walk later.

I went to my niece’s jewelry demonstration. It was about 10 minutes away in Bear, DE; not too far from where my nephew lives. The demonstrator had a lot of nice jewelry and she had a special on watches at 50% off. I needed a new watch so it worked out just right. I’ll put it in my stocking for my Christmas present. I have a lot of gifts on my wish list. In need new sneakers, some waterproof boots and a pair of brown fashion boots. Higher on the scale are a new digital TV, a DVR/VCR combo, and a headboard for my king size bed. I could manage to come up with some more things like a new perm. I’m sure my list could go on.

After the demonstration, my niece called and said that they (my brother, sister-in-law, and Cheryl and her husband, Ed were going to the Hibachi Grill. I wasn’t hungry after the refreshments at the demonstration but I could always find room for shrimp, clams, and crabs. I enjoy being with family.

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