November 7, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We had a good frost out there this morning. It was 30 degrees when I went out with Danny at 9:00. It was the same when I got up at 6:00. The current Temp is 29. The ground was not frozen but frost was everywhere. I heard the geese honking. There is quite a bit of that here. There is a lake down the road about a half mile. It is up in the hunting grounds. I’ll have to get a permit so I can walk up there. There are lots of trails; it is a good bird watching area.

We arrived here around 12:45 yesterday. We left Vineland at 11:00 and stopped at the WaWa in Woodstown for gas. It is the cheapest around at $2.459. I did pass one at $2.449 but didn’t know WaWa was more. I can walk Danny at WaWa and I went in to get some lunch. I got the cream of broccoli soup. It was delicious with lots of chunks of broccoli. I also got a whole wheat roll and a pumpkin Tasty Pie.

Tasty baking company was founded in 1914 in Philadelphia. They had the unique idea to wrap baked goods in small packages. My mother and here two oldest brothers would share a package of three chocolate cup cakes. They were handy to pack in lunches and for many years sold for $.10. Now they cost over a dollar. The company was founded by two men. One of the wives sampled the first batch and said they were tasty. Hence the name, "Tasty Baking Company.” They coined the name Tastykake. They were an immediate success. To lean more about them, go to
Click on Our Company and then Company History.

I unpacked the car when I got here. I had some plants to plant outdoors and some house plants to bring inside. I also brought a wicker plant stand for them. I have two wicker stands that were my grandmother’s. I put it in the living room window and the other one will go next to it. When my grandmother and my mother had them, they were green. I painted them blue to go with my décor. They are a light, bright blue and I am going to paint them blue-gray. I couldn’t find blue gray paint when I did them years ago but found it after I painted them. They are ready for another paint job now.

I brought the leaf blower and will get to work on that today when it warms up. Rob hasn’t been around to remove the branch off my roof and check out my heat tapes. I guess he feels funny about doing work when I’m not here. Maybe Ed can come over with his truck and a ladder. He may be able to help me with the heat tapes as he has them under his house. He has a crawlspace also.

I walked Danny around 3:30 and then put my sweet potatoes in the oven. I also had baked salmon. Danny likes salmon. The first time I gave it to him, he spit it out. When he doesn’t like something, he flings it across the room. He also likes sweet potatoes.

I put the converter on my TV but I guess there is no reception here for anything. I thought I might be able to get a station in Wilmington or Dover. I didn’t have any luck. I may need different rabbit ears or an outside antenna. I will be getting cable so I don’t want to go into that expense. I put in a movie, Murder on the Orient Express. I feel asleep through most of it. I woke up to see the beginning of the DVD with the options to “Play”

I took Danny out and then went to bed. It was around 9:00. I read for a while. I am reading James A. Mitchner’s “Centennial”. It is good. I am at the section where the main character is an Amish man from near Lancaster, PA. He got shunned by his people and is now on his way out west. He heard people talking about Oregon. He didn’t know where that was but it sounded good to him.

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