November 8, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I got up just before 7am and put on the coffee. Danny was ready to go out but I wanted to look up the weather. It was warmer today. I didn’t see any frost. I walked Danny, had my breakfast and got ready for church. I sang in the choir. I was afraid I didn’t know the song but it was one we had practiced the last time I was at practice. A man made an announcement that the church was able to get one channel without the cable. It was channel 10. The church is housing the homeless shelter this week so the homeless people can stay up past 10pm to watch the football game. It is on channel 10. I’ll have to see if I can get it.

After church, I walked Danny down the road. I saw and heard lots of birds in the woods. I also saw and heard a lot out back. I looked under the mobile home. I see that I have heat tapes plugged in but I can’t see where they go because they are under the insulation. I do see where some of the insulation is falling down under the master bathroom. It is cold in there so I’ll have to get that fixed. I don’t know how that can be done as there only looks like less than a foot of clearance. It is also the room that is the last on the duct line.

I pulled some plastic trash out of the woods bordering my back yard. The frost killed off the weeds so I was able to get at it. There are still some plastic flower pots thrown out there but I’m not able to get at them yet. Branches and leaves have been cast out there and the footing doesn’t look safe. I got most of it. I can’t stand trash strewn around like that. It’s one thing to throw branches and leaves back there but the plastic stuff is too much.

I talked to my brother this morning. He is still recovering from his cold but doing OK. Yesterday, my niece called and she has come down with something. Everyone at work has it. She hopes it is just a cold and not the flu.

I watched the Orient Express again last night. I must have fallen asleep through most of it the night before because I missed so much. I fell asleep toward the end but was able to rewind it and find out who done it. It’s been a long time since I had seen it that I forgot.

Danny curled up around my head last night. I shooed him over but he didn’t move far. I don’t know if he feels insecure or if he was cold. I wish he would curl up beside me and not try to sleep on my head.

When we were on our walk this morning, we heard gunshots. I’m glad his business was done because he makes a beeline for home. Ed said they are not allowed to hunt on Sunday. Maybe they were having target practice. There are lots of farms, hunting grounds and fields around here. The town only has 500 people and the county only has 5 or 6 towns that are incorporated. There are some towns that are just cross roads with a name.

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