November 9, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

We had some excitement at the mobile home park last night. It seems smoke was pouring out of the state hunting grounds and into the mobile home park. The firemen came and I could see them walking up and down the trails up there. They could find nothing. Then some drove into the park and said the fire was in Delaware on the other side of the canal.

I made some phone calls this morning. I wanted to make sure there were heat tapes on the pipes to the new laundry sink I had put in. They had done that. I also called the gas company. They said I wasn’t on automatic delivery because I was on COD. I said, "I have an account and have been being billed." “Oh yes, you’re right,” was the reply. Unbelievable! They are coming Wednesday to fill my tanks. I talked to the park manager and she said that both tanks have gauges and that they should both be the same pressure. I took the lid off the other tank and saw it had 50% pressure and the first tank has 50% if you look at the fat end of the needle. It looks like the needle is on backwards.

We drove home after lunch. It was quite warm today about 70 degrees. I was dressed too warmly. I shed my jacket and sweater and put on the air in the car.

My real estate lady called and the last people who looked at my house made an insultingly low offer. We had to come up with a counter offer. It makes me sick. The real estate values have gone down so much. The dump across the street has lowered its price to $119,000. I hope I can sell before they do and the value of the neighbor will go way down.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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