November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We made good time getting down in spite of the weather. It was light rain and drizzle but the wind was bad. I felt the car blowing around on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. They had restrictions on the Chesapeake City Bridge because of the wind. I normally take the summit bridge. It isn’t as high because the canal at that point was cut out of a hill. The ground is higher up so the bridge doesn’t appear as high even though it’s the same height from the canal.

I printed a temporary discount card for the Pathmark Super Market. I have a very old one that was rejected the last time I went to Pathmark. I hardly ever shop there as it is not convenient in Vineland. It is convenient, however, in Delaware. I pass right by it on the way to the mobile home. I left a little space in the car when I packed up so I could have room for the groceries. I was out of everything down here. I had made a list and I think I got most of the things. I didn’t get the tissues because they are cheaper elsewhere.

I unpacked the car and put the things away. We must have gotten a lot of rain here as the ground is squishy.

I bought a pumpkin pie to take to the pot luck at the church. The pumpkin was good but the crust was tough. I had a hard time cutting it. It was very thick. It was like cutting cardboard.

One time when I was going home from here, I saw where you could get the Delaware traffic report on the radio. It comes in handy and let’s you know if there are detours or traffic jams. I tune it in to make sure the summit bridge is not closed or if there’s a jam up on Interstate 95. I have several ways I can drive here.

I went to the Bible study after the dinner. We are studying the Psalms. I had emailed the Pastor to see what we’d be studying tonight as I had missed a couple weeks and the class had been canceled a couple times. There were only three of us plus the Pastor. I guess the weather kept people away. It wasn’t that bad as far as the rain but it is damp and cold. It is also very dark. I live in the boonies here. There are no street lights between the Mobile Home Park and Chesapeake City. It is only a mile but the road is narrow and winds back and forth.

I met a lady tonight who lives a few houses down the road. Not in the mobile home park but further down the road toward Delaware. I may have walked Danny down to her house the last time we were here.

Danny is curled up on a pillow on my lap. The poor little guy. He never knows where I’m taking him when we get in the car. He stands there in the passenger side of the front seat as if he’s trying to figure out how to jump into my lap. He rocks side to side pondering this. He is in a harness that is hooked to the shoulder strap of the seat belt. He can move around and look out the window if he wants but he just stands there looking at me for an hour. Sometimes he will lie down but not for long. He is up again renewing his quest to try to figure out how to jump in my lap.

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