November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I’m tired out. It seems like midnight and it’s only 6pm. It has been dark all day and is now drizzling again. I hate when it gets dark so early.

We were awakened at 6:30 by guns shots. It’s duck season. The good thing is that they only get one shot and the ducks take off. I took Danny out around 7:30am and we walked down the road about a mile. We walked nearly to the marina and saw a large tanker going through the canal. It was huge. I wondered if it would fit under the bridge but it fit under the other four bridges so I guessed it would. Danny likes to get going down the road and not turn around. There were lots of birds flitting and tweeting in the trees and brush but they all looked black. I had my binos but couldn’t get an eye on them. As soon I brought the binos up to my eyes, there were gone. I heard a blue jay and saw white throated sparrows, juncos, a Carolina Wren, and a cardinal. There were others but it was just too dark to see what they were.

I went to Elkton to do some shopping. I went to the hardware store to get some more keys made. I gave one to my niece, and will give one to my brothers. I keep one with my car keys and one on a lanyard for when I walk Danny.

I drove down the road to a Builder’s supply company. I wanted to check out there doors. Mobile homes have short doors. Most doors are 80 inches but mobile homes are 76, I am perplexed as to what to do about a new back door. They have the double door combination at the mobile home store but they are a 34 inch rough opening and mine is a 32 inch rough opening. The single door is 32 inches but is as chintzy as the one I want to replace. The building supply can custom make one but it would have no glass. That would make the room very dark.

I next stopped at the dollar store to get a couple birthday cards. My niece’s husband’s family invited me to dinner. It was Ed’s birthday and his sister’s birthday. When I got back, I took Danny out and some people were setting off some kind of cap poppers that sounded like fire crackers. They threw them up in the air and when the hit the road they made a noise. Danny turned around and headed right back for the house. He wanted to hide under the bed but my mattresses are on the floor and he is unable to find a place to hide.

I went over to Cheryl and Ed’s and followed them to his sister’s house in Elkton. Ed’s mother always prepares a lot of good food and desserts. The house was decorated for Christmas. The tree wasn’t up but there were lights and decorations all around the living room. It looked pretty with the lights circling the open beams. I ate too much and I am stuffed.

I bought a DVD in the dollar store. It is called Custer of the West. It’s the only one that looked any good. I am about to slip in the disk and relax.

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