November 30, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

I got out the lawn mower this morning. I cut down the old flowers and used the mower to mulch up the leaves. I wanted to run the mower dry of gasoline for the winter so I continued cutting the grass. I was able to get the whole lawn done before it conked out and the rain began.

Next, I changed the washers in the bathroom faucets. Three of them went well. The forth, the cold-water faucet for the tub gave me a problem as the screw to the washer was corroded and the screwdriver had nothing to grip. I tried using Ted’s screw remover but that just bore a hole in the screw. I finally chipped out some of the washer and grabbed the screw with the vice grips. I then took the screw to the hardware store to get a new one. It went back together fine. The big test was when I turned the water back on. The hot water faucet leaked worse then before. I was afraid I’d have to shut it off from the basement but I got it tightened enough to stop the leaking. I believe the stem needs new packing and I’m not sure how to do that. I didn’t see anything that looked remotely like it when I was in the hardware store. It is an ancient tub and they probable don’t have parts for that kind anymore. All I saw was plastic cartridge parts. I may have to replace the entire faucet but that would mean taking the tile off the back and the plywood underneath. I dread that mess.

Danny went for a little walk at lunchtime. He didn’t like being out in the rain. At 4:00, it was raining hard and when I took him out, he went to the edge of the porch, looked at the rain, then looked up at me as if to say, “Are you out of your mind? I’m not going out in this. He turned around and went back into the house.

Tonight was movie night at the parsonage in Vineland. I picked up my good friend, June, and we went over. I didn’t expect many, as it was dark, rainy, and dreary. I was surprised at the big turnout. The movie was about a Lutheran minister in Nazi Germany. He became part of the resistance movement against Hitler. It was a good movie but the ending was sad. The Gestapo executed him less than a month before the end of the war.

Twenty years ago, I would never have thought something like that could happen again but now I’m not so sure. Our liberties are being eroded away and the way things are going politically, they will be eroded away even more.

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