February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It was down to 13 degrees this morning. I didn't get much done. I was on the phone trying to schedule some routine medical tests but I need to call the lab I used for the dexa bone scan back in the year 2000 and have them forward the records. The other one is from last year and I need to have them forward that. It left Vineland so quickly, I didn't get any of my records. Medicare won't pay unless they have the records. Good Grief!

I packed up some more plastic containers for the shed today. The computer room is shaping up nicely but the kitchen is stacked with plastic containers. It's been too cold to work out in the shed. I also got my Turbo Tax installed and ready to enter my data. I'll have to file in two states this year plus the federal.

I found the manual and receipt for my cordless phone set. It was in my pile of paid bills. I also found my weekly pill box. I have been taking these pills for so long they have become routine and sometimes I don't know if I have taken it or not.

I will be going to classes to become a member of the Chesapeake City Methodist Church. I thought I might need my Baptismal Certificate so I looked in my important papers and it's not there. Everything else is. I do have my membership certificate for the Presbyterian Church and you can't be a member unless you are Baptised. Maybe that will suffice. I even have my certificate for graduating from the Nursery Dept. from Sunday School. Maybe the Baptismal Certificate is in my Bible that I got from Sunday School.

Classes start tomorrow night. I hope we miss that storm as the weather man said we will. They have known to be wrong. The storm will hit the south so I hope it stays there. I want to go to my exercise class in the morning.

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