February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I haven't blogged in a couple days. Sunday, I went out to dinner with my niece and husband. We went to our usual Japanese Hibachi Grill. I had mostly stir fried veggies. I read where we are supposed to be getting nine servings of fruits and veggies. When I got home, talked to Ted's parents and then I watched a movie that ran until 11:00 so I went directly to bed.

Yesterday morning, I saw a man walking past my kitchen windows. I looked out and saw a hose dragging by so knew it was the gas man. I was having my coffee in the livingroom when this terrible smell was in the air. My sinuses were blocked so I wasn't sure what I was smelling. I got Danny and my purse and got out the door. My next door neighbor, Christine was coming back from taking her children to the school bus so I told her I had a funny smell in my trailer so she came in and sniffed. She thought it might be propane. So we got out and I called the gas company. The lady on the phone told me to turn off the gas valve. Christine and I took a look and I turned it off. She took me and Danny into her house while I waited for the gas co. The man came and checked everything out. There were no leaks and he turned the gas back on and made sure my appliances were working. He said before filling the tanks he has to bleed the lines and the fumes must have gotten into the house. The high humidity kept the fumes lingering in the air.

Even though everything was all right, I was exhausted for the rest to the day. I fell asleep in the afternoon and crawled into bed early last night.

This morning, I took Danny out I wasn't sure whether I would go to exercise class or not. The sun came out so I headed over to the church. Nobody else showed up. Linda, the secretary, called to me and said no one else was coming. I needed to go to the post office for some stamps so my trip was not waisted.

I unpacked more boxes the last couple days. I need to pack up the rest of the Christmas stuff. I have some things in this computer room that need wrapping up and put in the plastic containers for placement in the shed. The snow is continuing to melt. It was 38 degrees earlier but the cold north wind is blowing in and the temp will steadily drop to 16 degrees tonight. The wind chill is supposed to be minus five tomorrow.

I better get to work.

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Posted by tedkarol at February 8, 2011 10:53 AM

Hi Karol

One thing to keep in mind is that propane is heavier that air so it lingers on the ground until it thins out. FWIW

Posted by: Ned at February 8, 2011 6:46 PM

I thought stink bugs had gotten into the heater or ducts and got roasted. The smell was not like rotten eggs so I wasn't sure what it was.

Posted by: Karol at February 9, 2011 7:31 PM