February 13, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

After church, I got my coffee at fellowship and took it to the table with the cream and sugar. When I reached for the stirrer, the fringe from my scarf dipped into my coffee cup. I grabbed a napkin and wiped it off. I tried reaching for the stirrer again this time my shoulder bag fell off my shoulder crashed onto the table and splashed the coffee into my face, coat, scarf, table and floor. John from the church, helped me clean up the mess. As I sat in Sunday School, I could smell the coffee on my clothes. Poor John, he's the one who helped me when my car was stuck in the snow. He just lost his job so keep him in your prayers.

After I walked Danny Boy, I had some lunch and then went to Walmart to get some groceries. It was mobbed. I wondered if a blizzard was coming and I didn't know about it. Fortunately, they had about 20 registers open so I didn't have to wait long in line.

I called my brother this morning and talked to Ted's mother this evening.

I didn't hear from my niece so I didn't go out to dinner. Maybe they had a Valentine's Dinner.

I have pictures of Ted and I at our Valentine's Dinner at the Nazarene Church in Vineland. The had a lot of nice activities like that before the church split and many of our friends went different ways.

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Posted by tedkarol at February 13, 2011 10:31 PM

Hi, I know it wasn't funny while it was happening, but, your coffee incident reminds me of something Lucy and Ethel might have done. I think you even saw the humor in it after it was over. (Maybe)

And, yes, I will keep John in my prayers. We also have church members that have lost their jobs. I pray the work situation gets straightened around before too long. And, when it does, I hope people will begin to have a decent amount of money put in an account they can draw on when the tough times come. However, everything is so expensive now. Gas prices, and grocery items are really increasing. It is difficult for anyone to actually save money right now. I pray for changes to be forthcoming.

Our temps have gone up and today the sun is shining brightly. Seems so sice. Enjoy your week and tuck your scarf in when you're getting a cup of coffee. Ha Ha!! Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at February 14, 2011 2:38 PM