February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is the 75th anniversary of my parents anniversary. They were my special Valentines. Ted was my very special Valentine. I miss them.

It was a nice day today. It got up near 60 degrees but then the wind kicked up and now it is 44. I guess that's warm compared to last week's 13 degrees. I wore a jacket instead of my long wool coat. I still needed boots because it is muddy. Danny wore his sweater this morning instead of his winter coat and this afternoon and evening he didn't need his coat or sweater. The wind is still whipping around out there.

I unpacked more boxes today. The computer room is looking good but I still have to clean out the shed and rid it of stink bugs so I can put my plastic containers of Christmas decorations back out there.

There are still some boxes of things from our business that I have to go through and lots of shredding to do.

After I clean out the shed, I'll get to work on the blue bedroom. I have empty boxes piled in there. I want to take them to my aunt as she will need them when she moves.

I feel like I am getting a sore throat. I haven't had a cold for years. I hope it goes away by morning. I hate colds. My brother has been down with a cold but I only talked to him on the phone. I guess something is going around. My friend, Sue's husband called her from his job in North Jersey complaining about stomach pain. He drives a truck and feels like he's coming down with stomach virus. That must not be much fun being away from home.

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