March 6, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It rained all day and really poured sometimes. Flood warnings were out in Delaware for the Christiana River. The bridge is at 10.5 feet and the river is at 10.1. It is expected to reach 11.5 before morning.

I went to Church and Sunday School this morning. Today is Transition Sunday. Last week was the last Sunday of the Epiphany and next Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent.

I didn't do anything today. When I took Danny out, we both came in looking like drowned rats and we were not out that long. He doesn't like pouring down rain.

I went with my niece and her husband to a different Chinese Grill. This one is called Hong Kong King or Hong King Kong, I'm not sure which as the King is in the center of the logo with Hong on one side and Kong on the other. There grill is a little different. It is round and the grill master uses long tines or instruments to stir the food with. The also have a buffet and serve Alaskan King Crab legs. They only bring out a few at a time. I guess people make pigs of themselves. Ed grabbed a few on a plate and we shared them.

After we ate, we went into the drug store in the same shopping center. It is called Happy Harry's Pharmacy. The chain is in Delaware and I always thought what a funny name for a drug store. I discovered it is owned by Walgreen's. Maybe they bought out Happy Harry's.

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