March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7. 2011

I got up and out early today. I went to get my routine blood work done. It was the first time I went to this place. It was attached to the hospital in Elkton. They took my information and the printer printed a bracelet for me like the ones hospitals use. When I went into the room where they take my blood, the technician scanned my bracelet and the labels printed for the vials. It was pretty cool. The only trouble is, when taking my information, she keyed in a couple strokes and all my personal information printed out. It's kind of scary.

I drove past the gas station on the way home and notice the price of the gasoline was $3.379/gal. When I went back in the afternoon, it was $3.489. What an increase. I didn't need gas yet but should have topped it off this morning. I went to the pet store to get Danny some better quality dog food. I was giving him Purina One. He didn't really like it but it's hard to change dog foods. He gets sick easily. I have been researching dog foods on Purina One and most brands you find in the super market only rate one star and are full of ingredients such as garlic that are harmful to dogs. I have been looking for awhile to find one that doesn't have any harmful ingredients. I found California Naturals with a five star rating. I threw a piece of the kibble to him and he grabbed it and ran off with it. If it had been Purina One, he would have ignored it. I mixed a little in with his food tonight. I have to change it gradually so he can get used to it and not get sick. I thing he will be healthier with the new food.

At this house, I have a terrific view of the big dipper. In the summer, it is out front on the north side. Right now, it is out on the east side with the two stars of the cup pointing to the North Star. I also have a great view of Cassiopeia in the north sky and Orion high in the southwest. The sky is dark here so the consolations show up real well. The southwest has a lot of trees and this time of year, the trees are bare so I can see the stars. It's really cool.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at March 7, 2011 9:42 PM

We are being bit hard with the costs of Diesel too. In Yuma, AZ it is 3.90. We actually saw it in Sierra Vista for 4.29! Means we will be staying in one location a little longer and making sure we cut down unnecessary small trips to the store.

Still loving the traveling life though.

Yup, scary what everyone can see on computers nowadays.


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