September 26, 2011



Michigan barn #15. Another of the many barns along the Michigan Roads.

They're Back!!!!!

The stink bugs are back. As if I didn't have enough to do to get ready for my trip and to get things ready for my cousin to move in. They started coming Sat. I sprayed them with wasp spray. Didn't help much. I sprayed the house with Stink Bug Killer. I thought sure that would do the trick. Wrong. I put some Dawn dish detergent in a spray bottle and had some success. It knocks them down and kills some of them. I put up the one trap I have but I don't see anything in it. I put it out late in the afternoon so hopefully it will catch some today. If so, I'll get more traps; if not why waste the money. Last year, I thought I had plugged up the area around the kitchen exhaust fan. I did the top. Well, this morning, they were in my cabinet. I caught about 20 of them. I almost gag seeing them crawling around my dishes. I found I had to plug up the bottom of the shelf. They came down the flue to the fan and then up into the cabinet. I caulked all around it this morning. I'm going to have to caulk all around the windows and up near the eves. They crawl into the tiniest cracks. There are also bitty little ants crawling around the kitchen. They are the smallest ants I ever saw. Everyone is complaining about them.

Time to take Danny out.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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