January 26, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I knew I missed one day of blogging but I didn't realize I missed two. I get so tired at night, I fall asleep reading my Bible or my book.

The concrete was poured yesterday while I was at Bible study. It's a good thing I got home when I did as the walkway ran right into the side of where the deck will be. They were going to change the deck to have two sets of steps. I said it would take away deck space so they moved the concrete. It was still wet enough to work with. There were two plans for the walk. One had a diagonal to the patio portion and the other had a squared off turn to go around the deck to the patio. It made a long day for the man who is doing the job. He really looked beat. I felt sorry for him. It has been in the 50's here as far as the temp. goes. They snow melted rapidly and the ground was not frozen that hard or deep. Although it had gotten cold, it only last a day or two when it warms back up again. As long as the ground isn't frozen, the concrete can be poured. When I lived in Massachusetts, the frost line went down over six feet. It created frost heaves in the roads and some of the buildings. Instead of stepping up to enter the side door that went to the basement, the ground would be raised up and you would have to step down to go into the door. The porch pillars would be heaved up and the roof would pull away from the wall. The water lines had to go down six feet under the ground. Here, the water line is about two feet under the ground, if that. In Vineland, it was three feet.

With the deck and walkway on the other side, I will be able to go in and out the back door with Danny and not track dirt and debris across the white carpet. It is such a mess I don't think it will ever come clean. It didn't come clean when I had it professionally cleaned last June. If I had known, I would have ripped it up when I ripped up the two back bedrooms and got new carpet for it. It is Berber ivory. It was beautiful when I first got the place but what a mess it is now. Maybe I'll get a big oriental rug and put over it.

I had Choral Society practice on Tuesday night. My friend, Joan, was sick so I went with her friend, Nancy. Nancy's husband owns the Chevy dealer in Elkton. She drives a demo car which is an Impala. Her home is on the golf course in Elkton. They also have other real estate in the area. The car dealer has done well in-spite of the economic hard times. They must be doing something right.

When Nancy dropped me off at Baker's Restaurant, (that's where we meet to go to the Choral Practice), I noticed I had a head light out. I got out my Honda book looked up how to replace the headlight. Step number one was: Remove the bumper. "WHAT!" I thought. I took it to the service station that I deal with. I also needed a bulb for my clock. They were able to replace the headlight but the clock light had no part number listed anywhere so they had to order it from the Honda dealer. They'll call me when they get it in. I couldn't find the part number in either of my Honda books. One book, Ted got is 4 inches thick. The other is the owners manual. The big book tells about removing the clock but nothing about the bulb. I better get a spare bulb as it happened before. I had the Honda dealer in Vineland replace it. I should have look up my bill from them to find the part. I didn't think of it until now.

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