June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I woke up around four and stayed in bed to 4:45. I made my coffee and went outside to water my grass and plants. I had watered the night before but everything was dry. I weeded along the east side of the driveway. It had a bumper crop of dandelions. I should have sold them at the Itailian Market. They tangled themselves around my portulacas. The ones that got pulled up got planted in another area. I went over to the apple barn to get some more mulch. They were sold out. I looked around to see what flowers they had left. The flats were half price. I got some white wax begonias to plant between the red ones out by the woods. I got some geraniums and snap dragons to plant in my sunny locations and some impatiens to plant out back on the south side which is shaded by the woods. They did real well there last year.

I just got the antivirus software and it needed to be upgraded already. I had to go to the computer repair store to get the codes to upgrade this computer. I thought, "Good Grief!"

I got some more of the spindles painted on my deck. I finished the outside of them and both sides on the inside. All that's left is the front on the deck with the gates. Just the inside needs to be done. I also have to crawl under the deck to finish some under there and to clean out the area between the concrete and the house. There are stones there with little trees growing in them and leaves clogging the drainage. I'll use the leaf blower and I may have to chip some of the concrete away that leaked out into the drainage area when it was poured. It should be fun working under there as it is only about two feet clearance.

I was tired out so watched Doc Martin in my bedroom and of course fell asleep and woke up to see the credits rolling.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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