June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

We had a terrible thunderstorm come through last night. It woke me up with lightning flashing all over the place and thunder booming. The electric went out. I looked out the window and saw the wind blowing the rain uphill in the street and little waves crashing at the side of the road. It really poured for a long period of time and the lightning and thunder kept flashing and booming. I feared for my niece and her husband being out on their boat as it was Canal Days and the marina was filled with boats. Around 12:30, the power came back on and I fixed all the clocks. I went back to sleep only to wake up again in total darkness. I got up about 4;45. I took a look outside and found the entire top of the oak tree out back was lying on the ground. I'm glad it didn't hit the house. Trees were down everywhere and one was hanging on the electric wire in front of my house. A couple men came and took it away. One neighbor down the street had a tree fall through his shed and demolish it.

I didn't do much of anything as it was supposed to go up to 105 degrees again today with more severe thunderstorms. It didn't happen and I am glad. At least no storms yet and it only went up to 93. Erin walked into town to see the Canal Days Vendors but I had no desire to go out the door except to walk Danny. He seems to be doing better.

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