June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012 afternoon

We took Danny to the vet this morning. He had diareahea. He's been having problems with his digestive system. He got a shot and some medicine. Actually, he got tow shots; one was from his Kennel Cough Booster. He seems to be doing better not. It is really hot. 105 on the deck. The official temp is 99 and the feel is 110 so the deck's feel is about right. It is 98 on the shaded side. Danny doesn't stay out long and neither do I. I have to pull him into the shade. I will miss those trees when they come down. It's a wonder the storms haven't brought them down they are half dead. The management started to take them down and the man's ladder has been in back of my shed for a month. I don't know why they haven't finished. I did some weeding this morning and although I was in the shade and it wasn't that hot, the sweat just dripped off me.

Erin went with me to the vet so I could run into the store afterwards and she could wait in the car with Danny. I needed to get him some chicken. I had cooked some rice for him before I went to the vet. I also got some food we needed for the weekend as it is Canal Days and the traffic in town will be horrendous.

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