July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another hot one today. It was about 97 in the shade and 102 in the sun. I took Danny for a walk and he saw my neighbor, John and made a beeline for him. John took me in his house to visit with his wife, Carol. Carol is handycapped and doesn't get out much. We enjoyed our visit together.

I did some yard work. Mulching and planting. I put some geraniums out front and mulched the them and the snap dragons that I planted yesterday. I also planted some impatiens out back and around the red maple tree. I mulched them, too. The sun was over the trees so I had to quit. My familly wasn't doing anything for the 4th. Everyone is tired out from cleaning up after the storm. I still have a big tree down in my back yard. I may take a bow saw and trim off some of the branches.

Cheryl called and we all went to the fireworks in Elkton. Rick and Michelle went too. I felt like we were having a tailgate party as both of them have trucks. We sat in the back of the trucks to watch the fireworks. I took my off clip on but I still got bitten by misquitos. It was a nice display and Cheryl and Ed's baby was fascinated by it. Chesapeake City will have theirs on Friday.

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