September 22, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I did battle with the stink bugs today. They seem to know where the doors are to the house and wait for me to open it so they could fly in. I was prepared. I have my squirt bottle with dish detergent and water mixed together and I let them have it right through the screen. They do not like the soapy water but some try to hang on. This afternoon, they were all over the deck, the picnic table, benches and railings. They also were up under the eaves and the edge of the roof. Tomorrow morning, I will turn on the heater and if any are in there, they'll get roasted. I guess I'll have to do that every morning until the darn things stop coming around. They eat holes in my tomatoes and then the holes turn black and get rotten. I've had to throw away a couple dozen tomatoes. I had to spray them with Seven. I did get two nice organic tomatoes before the invasion. I hope they aren't as bad as they were two years ago when they came in like a swarm and I could hardly get in the door because there were so many of them.

I went to Zumba class but it was cancelled. There was a note on the door saying the instructor was very sick. I hope she is feeling better. I went to the library and got the second DVD for Murder She Wrote but I could only watch 3 of the 8 episodes. The disc was marred and scratched so it skipped and I had to eject it. I put in one of my own DVD's and started to watch Hawaii Five O but fell asleep.

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