December 7, 2012

Friday Flowerbloggin'


Ted took this photo of a milkweed pod that is opening and has it's seeds about to blow away in the wind. He liked to take pictures of things in nature. It found it so interesting.

I have been having a busy week. I had to run out to Boscov's dept store yesterday to look for some black shoes. The ones I have were killing my feet during the concert. I usually don't wear dress shoes except to church and I am sitting most of the time there. Standing for a couple hours in dress shoes is a killer. I wear either athletic shoes or boots in the winter and sandals and flipflops in the summer. I wear slippers around the house. I hate dress shoes. Anyway, I tried on serveral pair and they were not comfortable. I did find a pair that were comfortable but too big. They didn't have my size and these were a half size larger. I tried on a half size smaller and they were too small. Bummer! They put them on hold for me at another store which is farther away but will be going there tomorrow. My friend, Dottie, lives near the store so we'll go together in the morning. Meanwhile, one more night in the dreaded shoes.

I went to choir practice last night and have a concert tonight. Then singing carols on Sat. at the town park at 4pm and then at the church at 5pm. The town has an annual event of a Candlelight tour. The homes and businesses are open for a walking tour to see the pretty lights and decorations.

It is a miserable rainy day today and this will continue until Sunday.

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