December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I went to exercise class this morning and then to breakfast with my exercise friends. It was our last class until after the holidays. I took the gifts to the post office that needed to be mailed. The postage cost over twice as much as the gifts but I wanted them to get there on time for Christmas.

I then went to Peebles Department Store to see if they had some corduroy slacks like my friend bought. I found a pair in my size in sage so I got them. It was Tuesday and I got the Senior Club Discount and they were marked down 40% to start with. A good deal I felt.

I stopped in Redner's to get some apples and grapes for my Waldorf Salad. I need to take it to Choir on Thursday. We will be having our choir practice at a member's house and are to take a dish. It sounds like a good time.

I went to our mini concert at Chic-Fil-A this evening. I was very please to see my family had come to see us. My nephew and his family came and so did my niece's husband and baby Ethan. My mother's cousin's were there, Bob and Jane Small. They live about 20 minutes south of me. A friend from church came for our second performance. It went real well I hope we made a lot of money for our Choral Society. Funds and grants have been cut and we've had to try to do some fundraising events.

My nephews went to see the Christmas lights in Elkton and Chesapeake City. The children were anxious to see them.

I had dinner after the concert and sat with Joyce, Nancy's friend. It was after 7pm and I was hungry smelling all the food in the restaurant.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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