December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I had a wonderful day today. I went to a luncheon at my friend, Dottie's church in Delaware. Two of Dottie's sisters were there and two of her friends. It was so nice to have fellowship with the friends I grew up with. There was a sad part about it. I drove up and down Interstate 95 so much with my Danny in the car. There are several places along the road where we would make a pit stop for Danny to stretch his legs. I can't help thinking of him when I drive along the road and when I come into an empty house. The sound of rain on the roof will remind me of how the little guy would run and hide under the bed.

I look at the local spca's for pets and it seems they are overwhelmed with pit bulls and large dogs. There were some poor little malteze dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill. They needed to have another dog in the household. We're only allowed to have one pet but some people here have two or three. My nephew has a malteze and it is not very good at housebreaking rules. They are also known for having bad teeth.

I'll have to keep looking.

I made some stops on the way home. I took some photos of churches in DE as I need more for my steeplechasin' entries. I usually forget to take my camera. I can use my cell phone but as yet don't know how to down load them. I have to sign up to the class at Verizon. I think they have on on the 27th. I hope it's not filled.

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