January 1, 2013

Tuesday January 1, 2012

I got a couple little projects done today. I caulked up the area around the kitchen fan over the stove and cut and painted some moldings to go around the large cracks of the fan and wall. I was hoping it would stop the stink bugs from coming in. They come down the vent pipe and into the space between the ceiling and roof. When I turn on the oven, they come out but I'm not sure from where. Sometimes, they just seem to appear out of nowhere as if they'r beamed in. I glued the weights back into the shower curtain liner. They had come out when my cousin was using the back bathroom and she must have thrown them into the trash and didn't tell me. She had the shower curtain on the outside of the tub and the water got all over the floor. When I went to clean after she left I found mildew stain on the molding between the tub and the floor and the tile was lifting up. Everytime I see it I cringe. I glued a pin closure onto a brouch that had broken. I found the pin closures at Michaels.

I took a couple walks today. One in the morning. Without the dog with me, someone stopped and asked if I needed a ride into town. I said "No, I just walking around the block."

I worked on my puzzle some more and I baked my ham and sweet potatoes for my dinner. I also made a chocolate roll with the left over pie crust from my brother's pie. My mother always made chocolate rolls with the leftover pie crust. Somehow, hers tasted better than mine. You roll out the pastry and sprinkle it with cocoa and sugar. Most of the time, I burn it but today it turned out OK.

I watched some DVD that Don had given me last year and worked some more on my puzzle.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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