January 1, 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

Payless was having a sale on athletic shoes so I ran out to buy a pair. They had several styles to chose from but only one fit properly even though they were made by the same company.

I tried to take back a pair of slippers that I got for a gift but Fashion Bug is going out of business and while you could exchange for size, it had to be the same color and of course, they didn't have any red ones. Bummer!

I stopped in the Acme to get a few things. I wanted to get one of the hams that had the pineapple and cherries on it but they didn't have any. I got one that looked similar in shape but I don't think it has the fruit on it. I can put my own on. This ham is an Amish brand. I hope it is good.

I got out a puzzle to occupy myself on New Year's Eve. I put on the DVD that I got at the library only to find that I had seen it before. I'm glad I had the puzzle. It is a difficult one. One can't play board games by ownself. I got in bed about 11:30 and put the TV to watch the ball drop. I was reading and then heard Kaboom. I looked up and saw 12:00 displayed on the TV with Aude Lang Syne playing. I missed the ball drop. There were gun shots and fireworks going off for 35 minutes. I went out to see if I could see any but I couldn't. I did see someone setting off Roman Candles down the street. It sounded like a thunderstorm here sprinkled with what sounded like a cannon going off. I don't think the year 2000 had such a celebration of noisemaking.

Happy New Year to all my blog friends.

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Posted by tedkarol at January 1, 2013 10:27 AM

Happy New Year to you Karol. It saddens me to know that this New Year is causing you sadness. You have missed your loved ones so much, and some years seem to be much harder than others. My husband and I have had that same experience. Last year was especially painful when we would think of the joyful times we shared with our daughter that died at age 24. Her birthday is always difficult for us and the date of her death brings us such pain. When we love deeply, we also grieve deeply. You will be in my prayers as this new year begins.
I remember seeing the picture of your door wreath last year - it is really so vibrant and beautiful.
We have two friends in the hospital so we visited both of them yesterday and then went for a bite to eat and came home. Both of us fell asleep in our chairs and missed the ball drop too. Oh well, the New Year started without us.
Love, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at January 1, 2013 4:20 PM
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