January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I went for my early morning walk and then worked some more on my puzzle. It's rather difficult with green and black being then only colors. There are several shades of black and numerous shades of green with some pieces having green and black intermingled.

I spray painted a picture frame white for a lighthouse painting to go in my nautical room and I taped up the head and tail of an aluminum eagle and spray painted the head and tail white. It was all black and it hangs on the outside of my house. I thought the white head and tail would make it stand out.

I sprayed the green moss or algae that is on my siding with the Tilex with the bleach formula for mold and mildew. It works pretty good. I got brand X at the dollar store. One dollar is a lot better than paying $100.00 for someone to power wash it. I have to get the ladder to get up higher and then go over some spots that I missed. I was amazed at how much had built up. I guess the mild winter has kept the things growing. My flower gardens need weeding. Go figure. The cold is coming maybe the end of next week.

I made some chicken soup for my dinner and had some bread sticks that I brought home from the Olive Garden.

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