December 11, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sunday: I went to church at 9am. The bell choir performed so the choir did not sing. I counted the offering after the service and when I was almost finished, I heard someone say, it's starting to snow. I sang with the Praise Band at 11:00 and by the time the service was over, there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. When I got home, I put on the weather channel, they showed the heaviest snowfall is where the big snowflake was on the map. It was right over Chesapeake City. We got a total of 8.5 inches before turning to rain. The rain was more of a misty drizzle but enough to clean off the roads.

Of course, our Choral Society Concert was cancelled.

Monday: I went to the church office to work on the month end reports. I made a couple corrections and ran the reports again. They were ready for the finance meeting but then I found that the meeting was cancelled. I did a little work on the spred sheets and then went home.

Tuesday: Snow was predicted so I went out to the shed first thing to dig out the Christmas tree and its trimmings. Before I got out of the shed, it started snowing. It was supposed to be a repeat of Sunday but we only got about an inch and a half. I tired myself out by moving furniture and vacuuming where it had been as well as the rest of the carpet. I used white vinegar to remove the stains. It seems to work better than shampooing them.

I put the tree up and put my new angel on the top. It is rather top heavy. I bent the top to straighten it up but I might have to tie it to the curtain rod with some fishing line. I put the lights on but had to rearrange them. I have some lights that blink randomly between blue and clear. The two sets I bought last year have a remote control that has eight different patterns: all blue, all clear, blinking blue, blinking clear. fast blinking and fading from blue to clear. The last one is the one I like best. I put had the blinking ones at the top of the tree and the newer ones at the bottom. It didn't look right so I rearranged them with the blinking lights inside and the fading from blue to clear on the outside of the branches.

I put some sweet potatoes in the oven and had them with ham and Brussels Sprouts for dinner.

The snow cancelled another concert and rescheduled it for Sunday, however more snow is predicted for Sunday. What a bummer of a year for our concerts. We start practicing in September and now this.

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