December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I had a busy day today and it was 18 degrees this morning. The cold tires me out when walking Sparky. I guess truding through the snow doesn't help either.

I started my Christmas cards and started to get some packages ready for the mail. I realized I didn't have the correct addresses so had to put in a call to my mother-in-law to get the right addresses.

I went to the church hoping to get some work done on the computer but someone was using it so I left. I went to the post office to get a couple boxes for my packages, then to the bank, and then to the computer store to see if my computer was done. They didn't realize I had given them the information for the Carbonite and it was still sitting there. She apologized and went to work on reloading my info.

Back home to get the wreaths out of the shed. That's always a chore as the Christmas stuff is in the back with other stuff piled in front of it. I put wreaths on all the windows and the two doors. I had to bring them in, cut the tape, (everything has to be sealed up because of the stink bugs; they crawl into the smallest hole or crack) put the red bows on, and hang them around the house and one on the fence. Next, I finally got my candles in the windows. I have to move plants out of the way to get to the windows. The windows are old fashioned windows and storms so I put the flameless pillar candles between the two windows. They are battery operated and are timed to come on at 6pm and off at 10pm

I went to Praise Band practice at 6pm. We were practicing for a while and Bob came in to hang the Advent Banner. First we had to find it. The sanctuary had been cleared for the pre-school program earlier in the day. A short time after he left, I went to the office to make copies of our music and I heard a siren. I wondered what was going on outside and as I walked toward the kitchen, I heard it coming from the social hall. I thought maybe it was a fire alarm so I ran down and told Jack. We all went running up and then looked at the burglar alarm. It was armed. so I unarmed it. I wondered how it could have gotten armed and Jack thought maybe Bob set it when he went out. It probably went off when I entered the hall.

The state police called when I was in the office and told me to call the alarm company. When I did that, they wanted the password which I didn't have so I had to call Tucker and the call the alarm company back.

Anyway, after Praise Band, I had choir practice and then home. I fell asleep watching "Doc Martin." He has such a rude bedside manner that it is funny.

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