February 18, 2014

Saturday was spent chopping out the ice that covered everything.

Sunday, I went to church, sang in the choir, helped with the counting of the offering and deposit, sang with the Praise Band at the contemporary service and helped with the offering and deposit after that service.

We have a couple stranded here in Chesapeake City. The man is from Australia and the woman is from France and South America. The bought a sailboat up in Maine and it broke down in Cape May. They got it fixed and it broke down again when they got here. All the mechanics are gone for the winter. They are at the town dock and had to chip away the ice every four hours. Finally, the dock master got them some bubblers. The people from the church and the Ecumenical Assoc have helped them with food and a space heater for the cabin of their boat. They came to church on Sunday, and after the service, the Australian said they needed a "Wash." Meaning a shower. Pastor Mark took them to his house so they could "wash" and to Walmart to get some minutes for their Trakphone. They road their tandem bike to Redner's to get some groceries. They must have been quite a chore because of the hills. I thought about taking my bike when I took my car to the garage for repairs but the hills and the bridge ended that thought. I waited in the garage waiting room for the repairs. I would take a book.

Monday, I cleaned. I haven't been cleaning because I have been tired out from all the shoveling. Sparky loves the snow but takes a deep sleep for a nap when he gets in.

It snowed again during the night. It looks like an inch or inch and a half. I was able to push it along the walk to get a path through it. Everyone is sick of the snow. It's going up to 40 today, in the 50's Wednesday and Thursday and in the 60's on Friday. Hopefully, it will clear out all this mess and left the flowers come up out of the ground.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at February 18, 2014 9:47 AM
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