February 25, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I took Sparky to the Vet yesterday afternoon. He had his brakes on all the way from the parking lot. He did not want to go in there. He had his annual exam and is doing well. He also had his nails and glands done and had an xray for his hip and knees. He has a little limp and looks like he is skipping when he trots. He's had this since I got him. Dr. Martin said to watch it and if it doesn't clear up then get an xray. Nothing showed up on the xray and the Vet, Dr. Beste, said it is a tendon or ligament injury that wouldn't show up. He is OK for now but will probably develop arthritis when he get older.

I got the name of my neighbor's groomer but the Arctic Vortex is coming again and he will need his fur. I can't wait until winter gives up it's grip and we can welcome spring.

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