July 23, 2014

Our early morning walks have gotten longer. We started parking down by the canal and walk 20 minutes one way and then turn around. Monday, we walked all the way to town and came back by way of the road. It was at least 3 miles maybe 4.

I was beat. This week has been hot and humid. The mornings are cool but the humidity is high. It is nice walking along the canal. Yesterday, we walked in the direction of Delaware. It is only a quarter mile to the east. We walked along the canal and there was no sign of civilization. No houses were visible from the canal. It was quiet and peaceful. Today, we walked toward Chesapeake City and Bald Eagles were fishing in the canal. We saw them diving for fish and flying around. I tried to get a photo but the glare from the sun was so bad I couldn't see what I was taking. I got an empty sky. I should have put it on video but my phone camera is not convenient for taking photos. There are too many levels of buttons to push and sort through. Then I have to save it and if I forget, I lose the photo. I have to save and then shot another. My regular camera can click, click, click to get several photos. I haven't been bring it because, I like to travel light while walking.

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Posted by tedkarol at July 23, 2014 7:27 AM

Best thing ever - getting exercise walking. We like to but Len is having back issues that cause a pulling sensation in his legs. One more thing to have checked when back in NJ late Sept. Hope we really will be able to get together this fall.

Posted by: Phyllis at July 24, 2014 11:46 PM
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